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Jack Fokker tells

“Working at HuizingHarvest Projects means learning a lot for me, in terms of working on various machinery and gaining international work experience. I have been part of the team since April 2022. It was a great time and the projects taught me a lot. In addition to learning a lot about agricultural technology, I also developed myself commercially. Partly because of this I found my dream job and unfortunately I will leave the team sooner than I intended.”

Tell me, what projects have you worked on in the past year?

“I have worked on very different projects in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Italy and France. The projects were very various and for many different brands. For example, I have converted transmissions, I have been on the road with a new forage harvester, I have worked on various rework projects and I have been on tour with a colleague to provide a baler training to dealers in Germany. What I liked the most about working at HuizingHarvest Projects was the roadshow of a tractor brand in Belgium and the Netherlands. I had made it known from the start at HuizingHarvest that I would like to become a sales representative and this was a great opportunity to gain commercial work experience.”

“I have worked on very different projects in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Italy and France. Our work is extremely diverse and for many different brands.”

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Can you tell us more about the tractor roadshow?
“During a roadshow you visit the various dealers with the latest machines of the brand. Together with a brand representative I was responsible from A to Z fort he organization and implementation. For each location, we drew up an action plan about the layout of the site. You receive visitors, tell information about the machines and the GPS and of course there is the possibility to take a demo ride. What I especially learned during the roadshow is story telling from the dealers perspective. Something I didnt expect was that the type of visitor varies greatly per location. For example, visitors in Belgium are hesitant to make a demo ride, where they drive away with it in the Netherlands.”
You also gave training in Germany, how was that?
Training was new to me. During the roadshow I stood in front of people a lot, but giving training is really different. For this project I first had four days of training on the machine at the manufacturer. The following week I had, together with a colleage, an intensive German language training for a week at our location in Emmen. Before we went to Germany to give the training to the dealers, I first gave the training to my own colleagues as an exercise. Then we were able to visit the dealers in Germany. The first time I thought, what have I started? Fortunately, the second training went a lot better. You start to make it your own story more and more and then it goes a lot better. A very nice project, which certainly contributed to the development of my commercial skills.
Despite these great experiences, you will leave HuizingHarvest. What are you going to do next?
“Yes, unexpectedly (but thanks to the above experiences) a new opportunity has crossed my path. I will become a national representative at Dezeure. A great opportunity for me to get started as a representative, but I will really miss the team. HuizingHarvest really thought along with me during my employment. From the beginning they knew about my interest in commercial projects and they really looked at which projects fit my interest. Working abroad was completely new to me. That’s why I didn’t have to go abroad for very long, I was often at home for the weekend. That was very nice for me. If I should stay at HuizingHarvest I would like to work for the Australian branch for 3 months.”
What do you want to say to anyone who is considering going on an adventure with HuizingHarvest?
“If you want to learn a lot from different kind of agricultural machines and brands and want tob e part of an enthusiastic, great team, I can definitely recommend working at HuizingHarvest. They really think along with you about what you want to learn and how you want to develop further. It is a good intermediate step to grow in the agricultural sector and a great opportunity to gain international work experience. The atmosphere in the team is very good and I will certainly miss the fun with colleages. If you want to grow in the (international) agricultural sector, i can recommend to be part of HuizingHarvest.”

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