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“Let’s make it work”

Practical knowledge and technical know-how are what matter.
Whether introducing or commissioning agricultural machinery, or optimising a harvest, our team always ensures the best results. A practical approach combined with knowledge of the latest technology is what makes us unique. We always focus on achieving optimal results, from production to the field, and from manufacturer to end user.

  • Testing
  • Quality control
  • After sales support
  • Crop management and optimisation
  • Product demonstrations
  • Recruitment, selection and seasonal work
  • Technical support

Always providing a customised solution; together we make it work.

“Innovation and knowledge development is fundamental to the future of agriculture. Our team of professionals contributes to this every day.”

HuizingHarvest | About us

Our roots

Entrepreneurship, adventure and a passion for agricultural engineering are the qualities that inspire us. The HuizingHarvest concept evolved from a chance meeting in the Russian countryside. A leading machinery manufacturer mentioned a project that involved delivering new machinery to a large local farm and asked us: “How can we deliver machinery here, install it and get it up and running properly? Could you help us?” A resounding ‘yes’ signalled the start of HuizingHarvest.

Read the interview with Nico Huizing about the origins of HuizingHarvest and its development.

After sales projects remain an important part of our work, but our projects are now as multifaceted as we are. From developing autonomous machines to organising machine demonstrations, optimising the latest machines to rework and assembly, together we make it work. Regardless of the brand, type of machinery or location.

Our team, our strength

The core HuizingHarvest team consists of 30 extremely motivated and passionate professionals. They bring their expertise, technical knowledge and globally gained practical experience to a wide range of projects on a daily basis, for clients around the world.

A career at HuizingHarvest almost always begins with seasonal work abroad, where you learn to work independently, gain knowledge of the local environment and increase your awareness of technical aspects that really make a difference. But it doesn’t stop there, as we encourage continuous learning through our own projects, like the development of autonomous combine harvesters for example. From mechanical techniques to sophisticated automation, every aspect is developed and realised by our team.

This experience and passion means you can always trust the HuizingHarvest team. From the North American prairie to the Australian outback, this is how we make it work.

The driving force behind this successful team is HuizingHarvest Jobs. Our in-house recruiters are focused on supervising talent, from school leavers to professionals, guaranteeing the quality of our team now and in the future.

Locations and facilities

We always work with a specialist team of highly trained, permanent and flexible employees.
Our headquarters are located in Emmen, in the north-eastern Netherlands. It is equipped with a multifunctional workshop, which allows us to respond to any situation.
We also have a branch in Australia, to ensure a quick response there too.

  • Active in more than 70 countries
  • Job-Box, mobile workshop
  • In-house fleet of vehicles, driven by our own technical staff
  • Workshop, scalable and fully equipped.
  • Located in Emmen and Australia.

Independent and reliable

You can rely on our team, 24/7. We are reliable, but above all discreet. Our independence is our guiding principle. Our people, from project managers to technical specialists, will always make every effort to achieve the best results. HuizingHarvest has the right people in place.

Together we make it work!

HuizingHarvest Australia
HuizingHarvest Projects Australia - Assembly engineer agricultural machinery

Assembly engineer agricultural machinery

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Agricultural seasonal work abroad