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 Rundvee & Mechanisatie Vakdagen Gorinchem
28-29-30 November 2023

HuizingHarvest is a powerful team of professionals active in agricultural technology. We believe in the power of innovation and technical knowledge as the key to the future of agriculture.

Together with our team, we explore the world and work with top companies in the agricultural sector. We meet new people and work with advanced machinery.

At HuizingHarvest, you get the chance to practice and improve your technical skills and expand your horizons.

As you gain more experience and expertise, we will help you take the next step in your career. Through Jobs, we offer you the opportunity to shine as an ambassador of our brand with our clients.

Welcome to HuizingHarvest, where we nurture young talent and build a strong technical team, worldwide.

Curious about what we all do? Discover it here or contact us directly!

HuizingHarvest – Let’s make it work

Our work.

HuizingHarvest turn-key werkplaats oplossingen - Cleaning

Turnkey workshop solutions

We specialize in improving, testing, modifying, and assembling agricultural equipment. We carry out these tasks from our locations in the Netherlands and Australia.
After sales - Waardevolle kennis en ervaring

Global collaborations and sharing technical knowledge

We believe that building lasting relationships and sharing technical knowledge worldwide is key.
Werken bij HuizingHarvest Projects - Working at HuizingHarvest Projects

Working at HuizingHarvest Projects

Working at HuizingHarvest Projects means learning a lot as a mechanic on various machines and gaining international work experience.

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Featured vacancies

HuizingHarvest Australia

Technical assistent agricultural engineering in Australia

HuizingHarvest Australia
HuizingHarvest turn-key werkplaats oplossingen

Assembly mechanic agricultural machinery Australia

HuizingHarvest International
After sales - Waardevolle kennis en ervaring

Employee agrotechnical international projects

HuizingHarvest Australia
Australian workshop and office - HuizingHarvest Australian agricultural mechanics & machineassemblers

Australian agricultural mechanics & machineassemblers

HuizingHarvest – Let’s make it work