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“Whether you’re facing a unique fabrication challenge or seeking consistent manufacturing support, we are here to lend a hand.”
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At HuizingHarvest, our passion lies in advancing and globally manufacturing state-of-the-art agricultural machinery. We specialize in improving, testing, modifying, and assembling agricultural equipment. We carry out these tasks from our locations in the Netherlands and Australia. It serves as the starting point for our projects, allowing us to smoothly transition to the field for testing and adjustments.
We tailor the project to meet our clients’ goals. We manage logistics and component delivery while making the most of our expertise and manpower to ensure quality and excellence. Whether facing logistical challenges, specific technical needs, or stringent quality requirements, we’re prepared to handle projects from start to finish.
Our Team

Our professionals work globally on various machines, making their practical knowledge and experience invaluable. This ensures there is always someone ready to fulfill our clients’ desires, allowing them to focus on their core activities.

Our workshop services include

Testing agricultural machinery

In consultation with our clients, we develop a customized testing protocol. (Long-term) tests can be conducted either in our workshop and neighboring facilities or at a location preferred by the client. Thanks to detailed daily reports through our dedicated mobile app, we can make a significant contribution to machine development.

Modifying and Upgrading Machines

We examine, analyze and adjust components to ensure that machines meet the highest standards. This way, our clients can rely on top-quality machinery.

Assembly Support

At our locations in the Netherlands and Australia, we handle projects in our workshop and provide on-site assistance at our clients’ locations during their production processes.

Logistical Solutions

Our logistical services include machinery pickup, secure delivery, and storage for streamlined operations.
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