Reflection and Progress

Welcome back to HuizingHarvest, where we have embarked on a journey of 15 years of agricultural collaboration and growth. In this final blog post of our series, we take one last look back at our origins, our ongoing evolution, valuable collaborations, our 15th anniversary, and look forward to a future full of possibilities.

The Origin

As described in the first blog, Nico Huizing founded HuizingHarvest in 2009, a company that would establish itself as a symbol of dedication to collaboration and growth in the agricultural sector. His adventure began during his studies at the Higher Agricultural School in Dronten, where he was captivated by the opportunities and challenges of agricultural work abroad during an internship in Poland. This experience laid the foundation upon which HuizingHarvest was built.

Now, 15 years later, Nico remains driven to further develop HuizingHarvest. Together with his family, he moved from the Netherlands to Australia in August 2023 to expand the second branch of HuizingHarvest near Melbourne. It is amazing to see how on the other side of the world, in a workshop of approximately 2300m2, our team is assembling the largest agricultural machinery.

Have you seen the movie where Niels & Mike transform this old MF Combine into a presentation model?
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MF combine remodeled
HuizingHarvest Jobs

HuizingHarvest Jobs arose from the desire to offer young people the same opportunities Nico Huizing once had. It offers agricultural internships and seasonal work abroad, with the mission to inspire and guide young talent in their (international) careers. Currently, there are many new job vacancies on our website, especially for our branch in Australia, where technical staff is sought for the workshop. A wonderful opportunity to spend the winter in sunny Australia. But also for the branch in the Netherlands, there are great opportunities such as Finance Manager or international technician in Agro technics.

HuizingHarvest Projects

HuizingHarvest Projects is the engine of our company. Our team performs a wide range of technical services for clients worldwide, ranging from machine optimizations to service & maintenance, and from assembly to commissioning, including machine testing. Our role is to provide service and support to the agricultural sector, striving for efficiency and reliability in all our activities.

What makes our work special is the variety, freedom, and independence it brings. This is also noticed by our clients, such as the project for a sugar factory in Ukraine where we are back at work this year. This factory and agricultural company grows its own beets, last year we assisted with the harvest. This year we have been asked again, but now for the entire process. The complexity of the machines they use sometimes brings additional challenges. That’s why we guide them to achieve their goals. Our team is trained in America, after which they transfer their knowledge to Ukraine to further optimize the process there. A great project to be a part of.

A Journey of Continuous Growth

At HuizingHarvest, standing still equals moving backward. Therefore, we have always focused on continuous innovation and growth. Our focus was not only on expanding our reach but especially on embracing new opportunities and exploring new territories. Among other things, Michel and Tjacco will soon travel to Brazil. A country with many opportunities where they will explore the largest and most important agricultural technology fair in Brazil to discover the latest trends and innovations.


MF Combine

To continue stimulating growth, it is essential to pass on our knowledge and continue to inform and inspire people. In 2023, 33% of our activities consisted of combine-related projects. That’s why Niels and Mike, two mechanical engineering interns from the Hanze Hogeschool, transformed our old Massey Ferguson combine into a functional presentation model. The result is stunning: a combine whose full operation is clearly visible thanks to plexiglass windows. In this way, people can see clearly how the combine is technically put together. During events, the combine is used for educational purposes, especially aimed at technically interested young people. The complete creation of this presentation model can now be seen on our YouTube-channel.


A New Era

One of the most remarkable developments in the agricultural sector is the rise of robotics. HuizingHarvest has embraced this shift by actively investing in research in the field of autonomous machines and precision technology. By using advanced robotics, we can increase efficiency and improve productivity. A good time to further develop this is our 15th anniversary.

15th Anniversary

In honor of our 15th anniversary, which will take place around September or October, a part of our team is currently busy with the preparations and brainstorming sessions. The idea is to remotely control a combine in Australia from our branch in the Netherlands, a distance of about 16,000 kilometers. This unique event not only symbolizes the connection between these two countries but also emphasizes the power of our collaboration. Moreover, it can offer new opportunities for the current labor issues in the agricultural sector.

Vision for the Future

As we reflect on 15 years of HuizingHarvest, we eagerly look towards the future. Collaboration and growth remain central. HuizingHarvest will continue to strive for progress in the agricultural sector, whether it’s through adopting new technologies, forging new partnerships, or inspiring the next generation of agricultural professionals.


And now…

Although this blog series is coming to an end, we will continue to keep you informed about our activities through videos and on social media. Expect a series on global reach, where you’ll see Nico Huizing in Australia, follow Michel and Tjacco in Brazil, and explore Erik Kramer of HuizingHarvest Jobs in New Zealand.

In short, stay focused, stay driven, and keep striving for progress.