The power of collaborations

At HuizingHarvest, we strongly believe in the power of collaborations. Without collaboration, HuizingHarvest wouldn’t even exist. It’s a fundamental part of our company culture and a driving force behind our performance and growth. In our previous blog post, we discussed robotics in agriculture and the technical aspects of our work. In this blog post, we shift our focus to the social aspect, particularly on collaborations, trust, and long-term partnerships.

Internally, collaboration begins within HuizingHarvest itself. As you may have read in blog post 1, HuizingHarvest Jobs and HuizingHarvest Projects work closely together as two essential parts of our company. Jobs provide opportunities for our agricultural adventurers with international projects and placements, while Projects form the heart of our organization, with a team of technical experts working globally on various projects for agricultural machinery manufacturers, farms, and startups. This collaboration strengthens both departments and is therefore of great value to our organization.

Collaboration is an integral part of our company culture and a driving force behind our performance and growth.

Ontdek samenwerking bij HuizingHarvest in blogpost 4: intern, extern, en toekomstgericht

Externally, collaboration is based on mutual trust. The projects we work on with clients range from machines still in the prototype testing phase to executing rework actions. The fact that clients trust us as their partner to collaborate on these trusted projects makes us super proud and a valued partner.

In some cases, clients wish to commence work only when trust is documented in the form of a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). No problem formalizing this, however, we are aware of the position we find ourselves in, and NDA is part of our DNA.

Looking at an interview with Jasper, he describes being aware of the position he is in because sometimes he was allowed to come so far behind the scenes at very large brands in agricultural mechanization and was involved in confidential projects. “Super to be part of that,” he says. In addition to carrying out work for clients, we also gain access to documents, receive training, and they share valuable knowledge with us. Everything to strengthen the collaboration and achieve the best result.

Team members

But collaboration doesn’t stop after completing a project. It’s a relationship, a bond you build with each other. Not only with clients but also within our own team. And of course, there are moments when you want to further develop yourself after a few years and want to grow. That doesn’t necessarily have to be the end of a relationship. Through HuizingHarvest Jobs, we jointly explore opportunities with one of our partners. The nice thing is, the relationship remains. Perhaps not as intensive, but many of our collaborations include former colleagues who have gone their own way. Jarl now works at CHD, Jasper at BBleap, and Edwin has become an entrepreneur himself, and we all still work together.

Global collaboration

The clients we work with are spread all over the world. And that’s beautiful because it allows us to carry out the same activities in different parts of the world. A recent project illustrates well how this growth and collaboration come together. It started in Europe, where machines were being tested. When the season ended and testing was no longer possible, the project could continue via our branch in Australia. A perfect opportunity for the client but also for our team, who could spend the winter there and continue to carry out the same activities there.

But not only our clients are spread all over the world. There are also more and more foreign students who find us. Like Tibe, a Belgian student from the Vives University College of Bachelor of Autotechnology. He wanted to do an internship with us in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, those spots were already filled by other classmates, so he chose to spend the winter in Australia and do his internship there. Now he works in the Australian sun assembling machines.

Local collaborations

We also appreciate local collaborations. Drenthe (a province in the northeastern part of the Netherlands) offers many beautiful collaboration opportunities, not only a wide range of suppliers work with us, but also initiatives such as Entrepreneurial Emmen & I am Drents entrepreneur offer subsidy schemes, networking events, and opportunities for collaboration. As one of the highlights of recent years, ‘I am Drents entrepreneur’ has chosen us as entrepreneur of the month in March 2022 (watch the video) and in 2011, Nico Huizing became the provincial winner of the Young Entrepreneurs Prize of the North.

Future outlook

At HuizingHarvest, we strive for further growth and international collaborations in new markets and regions. That’s why Michel and Tjaco will fly to Brazil in April to attend a trade fair for market exploration. Erik will visit agricultural companies in New Zealand and Australia at the end of March for our HuizingHarvest Jobs department so that they can also stay informed about our collaborations and opportunities there.

In addition to working with clients, we also collaborate with educational institutions, research centers, and other organizations to develop programs that help our team expand their expertise and skills. Last year, some students from Wageningen University investigated how we can optimize our tests and analyses of machines. With the conclusions of their report, we have been able to improve our HuizingHarvest app into a smart reporting tool. Handy for ourselves and our clients.

In this blog, we have emphasized the power of collaborations, both locally and globally. These collaborations help us improve processes, gain new insights, and increase technical knowledge. In blog 5, it’s time to summarize all the valuable experiences from the past blogs and prepare for the next phase of our journey.

Until next time!