The start of HuizingHarvest

Welcome to the first post in our blog series about HuizingHarvest!
2024 marks our 15th anniversary, and we’re celebrating with a look behind-the-scenes. We’ll take you through the history of HuizingHarvest, reveal what we do on a daily basis, and take a glimpse into the future.

How it began
Nico Huizing (1979) started his agricultural adventure during his studies at the senior agricultural college in Dronten with an internship in Poland. Without knowing exactly where he would end up, he set out. This was the start that set him in motion and ignited his passion for agricultural work abroad.
After years of working independently abroad, the demand for Nico’s knowledge grew. His experience in commissioning machines and his ability to improvise formed the foundation of HuizingHarvest in 2009. As the company grew, so did the demand for Nico’s expertise. He sought like-minded individuals, and soon four enthusiastic people were working on behalf of HuizingHarvest abroad.

Our team has grown to 35 professionals based in the Netherlands and 20 professionals in Australia. All with the same goal: Let’s make it work! 

After years of working independently abroad, the demand for Nico’s knowledge grew. His experience in commissioning machines and his ability to improvise formed the foundation of HuizingHarvest in 2009.

Blogpost 1 Nico talking in the field

Our path, your journey 
In the early days of HuizingHarvest, it wasn’t just our projects that grew but also our client base. This growth necessitated the need for new, enthusiastic team members. That was the turning point when various departments were formed within our organization, including HuizingHarvest Projects and HuizingHarvest Jobs.

HuizingHarvest Jobs emerged from our ideal of offering young people the same experience abroad as Nico had in the beginning. HuizingHarvest Jobs opens doors to agricultural internships or seasonal work abroad. Our jobs team actively recruits at schools and student associations, with a mission to inspire and guide young talent in their (foreign) careers.

When young individuals return after this adventure, they have the opportunity to apply to HuizingHarvest Projects. Within our own team, they can further develop not only their experience abroad but also their technical knowledge and expertise.

Our project team provides a wide range of technical services, including machine optimizations, rework actions, service & maintenance, assembly, demos, driver training, dealer support, and commissioning. Because we are brand-independent, our team works for various clients in more than 70 countries. The variety, freedom, and independence that comes with the job make it unique. 

But we understand that this lifestyle may not always be feasible in every stage of life. There’s a moment when one may feel the need to settle down and create a stable foundation. Even then, we are here to guide you on your career path and help you find a new suitable job. 

After a successful career at HuizingHarvest Projects, our Jobs team gets back to work, seeking the next challenge that aligns with the new skills and experiences acquired.

Unique Collaboration
This collaboration is unique and offers not only an agricultural adventure but also a career path for anyone who treads it. In this way, we share not only in the growth of our projects but also in the personal development of those striving for an adventurous and meaningful career.

What to Expect
Learn more about our developments, including those in Australia, in the next blog post.
See you in the next one.