Keep moving

Welcome back to HuizingHarvest, where our focus extends beyond growth to continuous movement and innovation. In this blog post, we take you on a journey through our activities, shedding light on our recent expansion into Australia, where we not only optimize machines but also create opportunities.

As mentioned before, HuizingHarvest originated from customer needs, knowledge-sharing, and excelling in our expertise. We remain alert about market trends, consistently enhancing our services to meet the latest demands.

This includes solutions for agro-startups, technological support for agricultural machine manufacturers, operational efficiency for farms, or personalized services for dealers and farmers. We strive to address diverse needs within the entire agricultural sector.

From advice to roadshow:
A European demonstration tour with our customized trucks
Demonstration Tour

An example is a client for whom we initially played an advisory role during machine implementation but eventually organized a complete demonstration tour across Europe. Travelling with a team in our customized trucks, we informed agricultural businesses about a new machine. It was a rewarding project to be a part of.


Looking forward, innovation is ever-present. Will autonomous machines take over our tasks? What are the benefits, and how does this manifest in practice? About five years ago, we developed an autonomous combine named ‘Agrobotix.’ Our goal was not just for the excitement but mainly to adapt to growth and innovation, understanding the role of robotics in agricultural machinery. This experience provided valuable insights, aiding in the development of advanced machines. Moreover, our clients now know we possess expertise in this field, showcasing the security of their innovations with us.


Operating in over 70 countries, our home base is in Emmen, located in the northern part of the Netherlands. From our offices and workshop, we initiate and coordinate projects, house our trucks and equipment, and further develop ideas.

In December 2022, we opened a branch in Australia, north of Melbourne. The idea was simple: in Australia, the seasons are reversed, allowing us to serve our customers year-round and keep our team active in both the workshop and the field. Operating from offices and a workshop spanning over 2,300 square meters, equipped with a 10-ton overhead crane and a loading platform, we offer the same services in Australia as in the Netherlands, including assembly, updates, inspections, etc. Additionally, due to the ample space on our premises, we can meet a new request from our customers by providing storage facilities for machines and parts.

Agricultural Adventure

In line with the geographical spread of our work, HuizingHarvest Jobs proves beneficial once again. Many young adults from the Netherlands embark on an agricultural adventure to Australia, engaging in seasonal work and contributing to our workshop.

Whether in the Netherlands or Australia, where seasons run in reverse, HuizingHarvest remains globally active, connecting with innovation, growth, and meaningful work.

What to expect next

The first blog post introduced the origin of HuizingHarvest and emphasized the company’s growth. This second blog post delved into our services and the recent expansion into Australia. Both posts highlight our ongoing focus on innovation and the increasing role of technology in the agricultural sector. For these reasons, blog post 3 will delve deeper into specific innovative projects, technological developments, and future plans of HuizingHarvest.
Stay tuned for more.