Global Reach – Down Under

After our previous article about expanding our Global reach in Brazil you’ll discover more here about our international recruiter, Erik, and how his recent journey through New Zealand and Australia began.

The purpose of this trip was to strengthen contacts with clients and explore opportunities at other companies. And it was a success! Erik covered a distance of 3800 km and visited 23 companies in New Zealand alone.

Erik, representing HuizingHarvest Jobs, is dedicated to facilitating opportunities for young individuals with an agricultural inclination to work abroad. Particularly, New Zealand has been gaining popularity in recent years. This is not only due to its opposite seasons compared to Europe but also its landscape and agricultural diversity.

Farmers and contractors are increasingly interested in attracting (temporary) young talent from other countries like the Netherlands and Germany, where expertise is abundant.

Erik global Reach Down Under John Deere
Diverse Experiences in New Zealand

During his trip, Erik visited a wide range of farms, contractors, and mechanisation companies, where both existing clients and new contacts welcomed him warmly. The conversations were fruitful, revealing exciting prospects for further collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Agricultural enterprises in New Zealand cover an average area of ​​300 to 1600 hectares, primarily cultivating crops such as potatoes, onions, and grains. However, work on these farms encompasses more than just tilling the land; there are also opportunities such as potato harvesting.

Additionally, contracting businesses in New Zealand often focus on dairy farms, where tasks mainly involve mowing grass, silage-making, and baling. Employees at these companies often assist in machine maintenance, where roles are less restrictive and allow for various skills.

A noticeable theme during these meetings was the ongoing shortage of skilled labor in the agricultural sector, especially during busy seasons. Farmers and contractors are increasingly interested in attracting (temporary) young talent from other countries like the Netherlands and Germany, where expertise is abundant.

Multicultural Experiences in Australia

After his tour of New Zealand, Erik traveled to Australia, where he not only visited our office near Melbourne but also got hands-on experience. Alongside our diverse team in Australia, Erik assembled an 18-meter-wide seeding machine. Being part of such a multicultural group, Erik gained valuable work experience and learned from other cultures and customs.

Erik also visited companies in Australia where seasonal workers often embark on their adventure through HuizingHarvest. It was fascinating to see these companies firsthand and hear that HuizingHarvest is regarded as a valuable partner in terms of personnel. The success of the visit is evident from Erik securing new assignments immediately and six employees starting via HuizingHarvest Jobs last month.

Connecting Agricultural Personnel Worldwide

The conversations and experiences during this journey underscore HuizingHarvest’s commitment to connecting qualified personnel with agricultural companies worldwide.

More updates on our experiences

Stay tuned for more updates on our experiences in Brazil and learn about how our technical specialists recently completed the Fendt Momentum Planter training session in Byshiv.

Interested in exploring new opportunities in the agricultural sector? Feel free to contact us to discuss options or to learn more about how HuizingHarvest can support your personnel needs.