Vuzix Glasses

For professional support

Our Vuzix glasses allow us to communicate in real time with customers and further improve the quality of our external services. Live video calls and real time communication with Product Support Specialists on site are also a reality, resulting in a real increase in project efficiency.

During testing, rework, installations and PDIs, our clients can closely monitor all processes together with the HuizingHarvest team, to ensure their objectives are realised. Vuzix glasses enable the specialist to perform work on machinery with both hands, while high speed communication via live video allows adjustments and improvements to be made on the spot.

HuizingHarvest is specialised in agriculture and agricultural machinery. We support international companies with knowledge, service and advice. Our Product Support Specialists travel all over the world.

Vuzix Glasses

After sales projects are an important part of our work, but our projects are as multifaceted as we are. From developing autonomous machines to organising machine demonstrations, optimising the latest machines to rework and assembly, together we make it work. Regardless of the brand, type of machinery or location.

The core HuizingHarvest team consists of 30 extremely motivated and passionate professionals. They bring their expertise, technical knowledge and globally gained practical experience to a wide range of projects on a daily basis, for clients around the world. You can rely on our team, 24/7. We are reliable, but above all discreet. Our independence is our guiding principle. Our people, from project managers to technical specialists, will always make every effort to achieve the best results.


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