HuizingHarvest projects Australia

HuizingHarvest works worldwide. Down Under we even have our own team and branch with workshop, offices, and outdoor area.

The HuizingHarvest Projects team Australia ensures, among other things, the rapid assembly of agricultural machinery and implements. With our on-site knowledge and expertise, we ensure that every manufacturer can deliver their machine to their customers in perfect condition, regardless of make and type. If necessary, we do this from our own workshop in Australia with a specially selected and well-trained team of Dutch and Australian colleagues. Naturally, our mobile team is also available on location quickly and flexibly.

HuizingHarvest projects Australia

HuizingHarvest Projects team

HuizingHarvest supports, also in Australia, manufacturers of agricultural machinery and large-scale agricultural companies.

We provide flexible workers to support temporary projects. We are in constant contact with well-trained agricultural technicians, with the ability to solve mechanical, hydraulic, or software-related problems and install or assemble machinery.

Our services give you the advantage of on-site assistance by people with whom you can easily communicate and who have the right technical skills. With a pragmatic, no-nonsense approach to get the job done. All HuizingHarvest Projects mechanics have a background in agriculture.

We recruit and hire our mechanics worldwide, mainly in the Netherlands, Australia, Germany, Denmark, and Sweden. The most suitable candidates can be hired by your company for a certain period. Then they return to their home country or go to work for another HuizingHarvest client. Depending on the work, the candidates will work under contract with HuizingHarvest or be employed directly by your company.


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