Richard about dealer support with HuizingHarvest

What I enjoy most is the variety of tasks. Every day brings new challenges that I’m eager to tackle.

Richard over Dealerondersteuning bij HuizingHarvest
During the peak season, everything revolves around efficiency and maximum productivity. We understand this better than anyone. Every machine must be meticulously prepared and set up to ensure optimal performance. However, during the hustle and bustle of the season, there is often not enough capacity to handle everything independently. This is where HuizingHarvest steps in with dealer support.
What does dealer support from HuizingHarvest actually involve?

We support dealers in their operations across Europe. This involves a variety of tasks and machinery. Richard is currently working with one of our clients and can tell you more about it.

Richard explains: “This job is incredibly varied. I’m the only person from HuizingHarvest here on site at the dealer, working alongside the local team. The people here are very friendly, and I can ask them for help whenever I need it.

“The great thing for me is that the tasks are very diverse. Every day brings new challenges that I enjoy solving. You really have to think about how to approach and resolve various issues. Sometimes it’s not clear in advance if something will work, but you just have to give it a try.

“On this project, I’m working with five other (young) employees, which makes the team dynamic very enjoyable. Recently, for instance, I updated a sprayer machine, which was really exciting to do. You encounter various problems that you need to solve on your own.”

Where did you end up?

“There are also routine tasks we perform for dealers, such as standard maintenance on machines. In those cases, I drive to various customers of the dealer to carry out the work. During such a project, you can better gauge how your day will go and what to expect. The nice thing is that you visit many different places and make lots of new contacts, experiencing various cultures. That’s interesting, although it can sometimes be challenging. After a few weeks, I’m then replaced by a colleague from HuizingHarvest, who continues the work.”

“The great thing is that every dealer is different. At some dealers, you need to solve everything independently. At others, you work more as part of a team. I certainly feel appreciated, especially when customers specifically request that I or my colleague return after their holiday.”

What skills are needed for this job?

Practical experience is key. It’s about devising and testing effective solutions. While I excel in metalworking, tractor troubleshooting is newer to me. Nevertheless, I’m gaining proficiency in both, directly applicable to my work.

“I’ve worked extensively abroad, but now prefer staying close to home due to family. Luckily, it’s feasible; my commute is only 30 minutes.”

“This role has expanded my understanding of spray machines and techniques, offering ongoing learning opportunities.”

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