Agricultural seasonal work abroad

Do you dream of gaining agricultural work experience abroad? Threshing grain in Australia? Helping with onion cultivation in New Zealand? Raising potatoes in Canada or, for example, chopping corn in America? HuizingHarvest has a large global network in the agricultural sector and we are happy to help you prepare for your adventure abroad. This way, you will be well prepared.

Your adventure
Curious about the possibilities of doing seasonal work abroad? We’re happy to tell you more! You are welcome to visit us in Emmen for an introductory meeting, but a digital meeting is of course also possible. You need a visa to work in Australia, New Zealand, Canada or America. To start the visa application, you must be at least 18 years old. If desired, we offer assistance for applying for your visa. Important information about Canada, for example, is that a limited number of visas are made available on an annual basis. The pool to register for this is usually opened in January.

Harvesting abroad
HuizingHarvest has a large global network, partly because its team is now active in more than 70 different countries. Because we want everyone with experience in the agricultural sector to have an adventure abroad, we are happy to help you find a workplace and prepare for the adventure. This could be in Europe, but also beyond. Seasonal harvesting work is most in demand in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and America. The surface area of these countries is gigantic and the harvest period can therefore also differ within a country (of course it also depends on the crop). Roughly speaking, the harvest period per country is:

• Australia: October to December
• New Zealand: December to May
• Canada: August to October
• America: April to November

About HuizingHarvest
The ‘HuizingHarvest Projects’ team supports manufacturers of agricultural machinery and large-scale agricultural companies worldwide. Our team consists of enthusiastic employees, all with a passion for the agricultural sector. Project-based work is carried out on assignments in or related to agricultural engineering. ‘HuizingHarvest Jobs’ supports adventurers in the agricultural sector in finding both temporary and permanent jobs. This may be in our own team, seasonal work, but also other temporary and permanent jobs with external clients in the agricultural sector. HuizingHarvest stands out because it’s not afraid to take on a pioneering role and we’re happy to help you on your way with your adventure!

Got excited and curious about the possibilities? Contact us by calling or sending a WhatsApp message to Erik Kramer (+31 6 25563999) or Laura Schuring (+31 6 25044188) or respond via the contact form below. We’re happy to tell you more!