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Martin Habing tells

“As a commercial project employee at HuizingHarvest you can eat your heart out if you are mad about agriculture. My customers are mainly agricultural machinery manufacturers based in Europe. This means that I am regularly on the road to visit customers or to monitor (and sometimes work along in) our technical projects. The international aspect and the possibility to take a closer look at different machine manufacturers and brands is very interesting. You get a lot of information about agricultural developments and get the opportunity to contribute.

In addition, I also regularly visit trade fairs at home and abroad to get in touch with (potential) customers there. A good example of this is my first working week at HuizingHarvest. A robotization fair was planned in France. I was allowed to go here right in my first week. The ticket was booked and I had to rehearse my talk about our company in English. The morning at the fair was still quite exciting and I secretly had a sweat on my back. But after the afternoon the story was good and I had a few nice conversations.”

“Working at HuizingHarvest is very varied. What I really like is that I come to machine manufacturers of different brands throughout Europe.”
Commercieel projectmedewerker agrotechniek HuizingHarvest - Commercial team member agricultural engineering

“The collaboration with colleagues is very pleasant. Together with colleague Michel, we have divided the customer base and we have commercial consultations every two weeks. But we often also talk to each other in the office or by telephone in between. I also have a lot of contact with the colleagues from Product Support (our technical field service). The colleagues work on projects on location and that is why we do not always see them. But when they are working in the workshop in Emmen, they regularly drop in and we have a cup of coffee. I find these contact moments very important, also to know what is going on, how projects are progressing or what the desired projects are in the future. I do my best to find projects that match the interests and ambitions of our product support colleagues.”


“As a commercial project employee, it is important that you know what is going on with the customer and which projects are coming up. It is also important that you know what type of person and with what qualities the customer needs. If a project has concrete forms, I the quotation containing the description of the project and the agreements. A follow-up appointment is then planned together with the technical coordinator Frank to further coordinate the project and the peripheral matters. You have a lot of information before and at the start of a project contact with the customer. To give an impression, there are often many different projects running at the same time.”


“In terms of projects, there are many different projects of our customers in which we think along and (can) play a role. This can be in the field of technical support, but also training of personnel, unburdening during demo tours or advice in sowing and harvest optimization. I myself have also participated in a few projects. I liked a combine project the best. For this I went with colleagues to disassemble 4 combines to compare. After a few weeks they also had to be put back together and everything had to be documented.

I would have liked to participate in certain projects more often. The nice thing about this job is that you get to deal with many different projects. For example, I would have liked to learn how to adjust combines, but there are also machine manufacturers where I would like to tinker for a while. It makes you itch to get started in certain projects yourself. The nice thing about working here is that there is a lot of room for development opportunities. For example, training courses are offered so that our colleagues are well prepared for the projects. I myself have also been able to give colleagues (from my background) a training focused on GPS systems. A lot of fun to do!

In that respect, I will really miss working at HuizingHarvest. The atmosphere is good and as a team you are jointly responsible. That makes it nice and cozy. It is a down-to-earth company and all colleagues have a passion for the agricultural sector. What I would like to pass on to my successor in this position is: Put on normal shoes and a sweater to the customer. It is a company with a no-nonsense culture and there is often room for a one-on-one conversation with customers as well. It’s important to be yourself and have a good chat with everyone. There is a cozy atmosphere and make sure they keep it that way!”

Why are you actually leaving?

“Last summer I traveled to Canada with my girlfriend for 6 weeks. This was such a great adventure and it tastes like more. We are leaving for Argentina in January 2023, to work in Canada on a ranch for a period afterwards. An adventure for at least a year, which we are very much looking forward to But, because of this, we at HuizingHarvest have to look for a successor for my position I will certainly miss my work and I wish my successor just as much job satisfaction as I still have always have in this position!”

Fun fact: “I often walk around in socks at the office”

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Commercieel projectmedewerker agrotechniek HuizingHarvest - Commercial team member agricultural engineering

Commercial project team member agricultural engineering

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