Independent and professional audits for new and used machines

An independent assessment of machinery, products or processes increases reliability and subsequently adds value.

The HuizingHarvest team specialises in agricultural machinery and vehicles and know the technical requirements they must meet. Our specialists are trained to prepare a professional report that conforms to the technical specifications. Our knowledge goes far beyond the standard check list. We combine technical know-how with extensive practical experience. We know the ins and outs of machinery and what is needed to achieve the desired results in the working environment. Consider issues such as ease of use and reliability.

We report quickly and securely via our own app, which can only be accessed by authorised individuals. This provides both ourselves and our customers with real-time insight into progress and any areas of concern.

  • For all agricultural machinery brands and vehicles
  • Professional feedback via the app
  • Independent and professional

“Independent and professional audits for new and used machines.”

Prior to starting a project, our project leader will determine focus points in consultation with the client. The client’s input is vital to this process, especially when it comes to new machines. We offer our product support team specific training in cooperation with the client, as required.

Independent and reliable

You can rely on our team, 24/7. We are reliable, but above all discreet. Our independence is our guiding principle. Our people, from project managers to technical specialists, will always make every effort to achieve the best results.

The core HuizingHarvest team consists of 30 extremely motivated and passionate professionals. They bring their expertise, technical knowledge and globally gained practical experience to a wide range of projects on a daily basis, for clients around the world.

After sales projects are an important part of our work, but our projects are as multifaceted as we are. From developing autonomous machines to organising machine demonstrations, optimising the latest machines to rework and assembly, together we make it work. Regardless of the brand, type of machinery or location.


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